• Direct Response Marketing

    In its simplest form, direct response television (or DRTV) involves marketing a product or service directly to the consumer, eliminating the middlemen and the markups. DRTV spots, or infomercials, are typically short-form (:60 or :120-second spots) or long-form (30-minute shows) that solve problems with product demonstrations of features and benefits that simply can't be demonstrated in traditional :30-second commercials.

    At Opfer Communications, we specialize in DRTV marketing and have the tools, the team and the track record to make your product a DRTV success. Our in-depth knowledge of direct response television, home shopping and retail sales help make our team uniquely qualified to represent your product and brand. Whether you're a new inventor or a global brand, you'll find we offer a menu of services to satisfy the hungriest appetite for immediate, direct-to-consumer sales.


Our services include:
  • Product Evaluation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Spot/Show Production
  • Product Demonstration Video Production
  • Celebrity/Non-Celebrity Host Selection
  • Media Placement
  • Inbound Telemarketing
  • DRTV Micro-Website Design
  • Retail Distribution
  • Home Shopping Representation

Let the Opfer team show you how a full-service video production partner can help you tell your story, promote your product and grow your business!
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"These guys are true professionals in all areas of the DR industry. I have three huge hits with them and more on the way. On a scale of one to ten, I give them an eleven."

- Billy Mays (2009)

"Opfer Communications literally resurrected our brand, restoring the luster to one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry."

- William Gorra, Simoniz USA

"How does one sum up their experience with Opfer Communications? Winning shows time and time again, and you're never a client—you're family!"

- Chef Tony

"Our 2-year partnership with Opfer turned the obscure name of Pilates into the most popular choice in fitness."

- Kevin Gerschefske, Stamina Products

"Scott Opfer and his team just flat out get it done. If I were spending my own money on a DR campaign, I'd call Opfer."

- Beau Rials

"Scott and his team know how to get the job done and make their clients their #1 priority. They understand the behind-the-scenes work that can either make or break a successful direct response television marketing campaign, and they go above and beyond to exceed our expectations."

- Scott Boilen, AllStar Marketing

"When it comes to top-notch productions, the Opfer team takes the cake!"

- Cathy Mitchell

"If you're looking for real-deal DRTV professionals, look no further than Opfer!"

- Joe Fowler

"These guys are REAL PROS. If you want to join a winning team, your search is over."

- Joe Theismann

"In all my days in television, I have never worked with a more professional team."

- John Bunnell


Do you have an amazing product you're ready to launch into the marketplace?
We can help! We've got a 25+ year track record of launching some of the world's most successful products and brands in the direct-to-consumer industry. Working through every available media channel—television, online, social media and retail—our clients have sold over $1 billion in product sales!

Amazing Inventions, a division of Opfer Communications, is designed to help inventors and manufacturers take new and innovative products to the marketplace.
Head on over to Amazing Inventions to learn more about how we can help you!