Our companies tell stories of people, products and services to educate and inform, drive sales and build brands.

Opfer Communications

Our Family of Companies & Brands
Opfer Productions
Digital media, video, and animation for D2C & B2B marketing and advertising.
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Video Shorts
Video, animation & motion media for product demo to drive sales through ecommerce, social and other digital media.
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Patient Pending
Automated computer software and texting technology for medical and healthy living verticals.
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Creative services, branding, digital media, web, marketing and advertising services.
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Opfer Government Services
Digital media, creative advertising and marketing services for federal, state and local government agencies.
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Opfer Legal Media
Digital media, video, animation and illustration for courtroom litigation.
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Medical & B2B software and advanced texting technology development, marketing and advertising.
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Automated computer software and texting technology for B2C & B2B communications.
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Our Philosophy
At Opfer Communications, we strive to do meaningful work with good people. Our teams of creative, forward-thinking media, communication and technology experts work tirelessly to create solutions and impactful messaging that drive results for companies and brands around the world.
When others find excuses, we find a way.
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